Fundamental Criteria for Effective Textbook Evaluation

Hicham Laabidi, Abdelhamid Nfissi


Since textbook evaluation is an interesting area in the field of applied linguistics, the present study intends to investigate Moroccan teachers’ perspectives concerning the EFL textbook “Visa to the World” designed for common core high school students in Morocco. It also aims to assess the effectiveness of this textbook which was suggested by the Moroccan Ministry of National Education as an instructional material for middle school students. This means that the researchers intend to highlight teachers’ attitudes towards the textbook through which students obtain the linguistic knowledge needed so as to communicate in English with native and non-native speakers. It is highly significant to mention that the study assesses the effectiveness of the textbook, “Visa to the World”, on the basis of seven main criteria: the physical appearance and format of the textbook, the accompanying materials, the content and the topics, the exercises and the activities, cultural presentation, the four skills and the language methods that the textbook adopts.


Textbook evaluation, applied linguistics, instructional materials attitudes, textbooks

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