The Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Teaching English to College Students

Ali Hashemi


Teaching in general and language teaching in particular has enormously changed through time. Language teaching, throughout the twentieth century, experienced massive changes and innovations to become more dynamic, active, and interactive. Language teaching in the twentieth century has witnessed diverse theories and trends which shaped language teaching based on needs, context, practicality, and availability of resources. Meanwhile, there has been the addition of information and communication technology (ICT) to the theories and methodologies mentioned. The Internet, in particular, is becoming an increasingly vital tool in our information society. In this research, which is a quasi-experimental study, we studied the effects of ICT on a sample of 55 EFL college students. The findings show that ICT enhances language learning experience and can act as an effective tool both for teaching and learning. The author hopes the current study makes its way into the education system both in high schools and universities and can persuade the teachers to integrate ICT and teaching.


English teaching, Information & communication Technology (ICT), EFL students

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