Pre-service Teacher Training Programs in the Philippines: The Student-teachers Practicum Teaching Experience

Mark Bedoya Ulla


Pre-service teacher training is one of the most important aspects of every teacher’s education curriculum as it prepares student-teachers to become qualified teachers in the future. This paper explored the pre-service teacher training programs in the Philippines through the practicum experience of the 21 junior and senior BSEd and BA English student-teachers from a private university in Mindanao, Philippines. Data were taken from classroom observations, group interview, and modified questionnaire. The findings revealed that there was a different standard policy of pre-service teacher training programs for BSEd and BA English. While BSEd-English concentrated on developing professional teachers for secondary schools, BA-English focused on developing not just teachers but professionals with exceptional communication skills. The student-teachers also reported some challenges in practicum teaching; classroom management, teaching confidence, and lack of teaching resources. Some solutions to overcome the challenges were suggested.


ESL classroom; practicum teaching; student-teachers; teaching English; teaching experience

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