Investigating the Influence of Teaching Experience on the Use of ICT in Education

Hicham Laabidi


The majority of today’s jobs require sufficient understanding of the new technologies and appropriate computer skills. Therefore, professors need to be qualified to integrate computers in their classroom practices. Actually, teachers are recommended to develop adequate and effective training so as to be able to make successful use of computer technologies in their classrooms. With the advent of the new technologies, learning has become more exciting for learners regardless of their level of education. A lot of studies have revealed that the implementation of ICT in classrooms have come up with many fruitful consequences for both teachers and learners as well. It has increased their willingness to develop their knowledge through these modern tools. Therefore, universities and other educational institutions have realized the value of including computer technologies in instructional processes. This paper aims to explore the impact of teaching experience on the integration of computer technologies in teaching practices. Descriptive analysis of means, and standard deviations were employed to analyse the collected data. Also, inferential statistics, especially the ANOVA test, were used to determine the impact of teaching experience on ICT use for pedagogical objectives. The findings revealed that there are statistically significant differences between professors’ integration of ICT in education based on teaching experience, F(4,158)=20.279,p<0.05.


new technologies, computer skills, computers, computer training, ICT, educational institutions, instructional processes

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