Conservation Values Of Local Wisdom Traditional Ceremony Rambu Solo Toraja’s Tribe South Sulawesi As Efforts The Establishment Of Character Education

Erman Syarif, Hasriyanti Hasriyanti, Ach. Fatchan, I Komang Astina, Sumarmi Sumarmi


Rambu Solo traditional ceremonies of Toraja South Sulawesi is a wisdom which contains a lot of value as a handle and the views of community life in the Toraja. This study aims to explore and assess the information about the preservation of the values of local wisdom ceremonies Rambu Solo in efforts to establish character education. This research approach is qualitative using method of ethnographic study. Data collection techniques and information conducted through interviews observation and documentation study. The findings of this study were (1) the traditional ceremony Rambu Solo is the embodiment of the system of public trust which has universal values which can support the national culture, (2) ceremonial customs Rambu Solo has a close relationship with the formation of character education because in the execution of traditional ceremonies Rambu Solo create a sense of togetherness and caring for others communities, (3) in traditional ceremonies Rambu Solo there are many values that become adhesive for the people Toraja. Implementation of ceremonies Rambu Solo must continue to be preserved. The progress of a nation can not be separated from the role of the generation at all levels of layers and elements of society

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